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Free Membership for everyone interested candidate valid upto 31-December-2018.

We have been active since 15th August 2013. However, there has been a change in the procedure of availing "Aerosat Membership". To avail one from 22nd February 2017, write to us at "aerosat7@gmail.com". Mension the subject of email as "Aerosat Membership". Provide the following details in your email :

(i) Full Name. (ii) Date of Birth (iii) Guardian's name (iv) present address (v) permanent address (vi) Contact numbers (vii) email address
(viii) Educational (Mension subject combination, % of marks, year of passing ) & (ix) Professional Qualification (with all details)
(x) Attach a Recent digital color photograph.

And tell us why you want to join with us..

We will contact you in response to your email..

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