RESULTS > Edition : 2018-October-28

Quarter-final Official-Selection pic Publishing started on 06-October-2018.
Semi-final Official-Selection pic Published on 11-October-2018.
Final Official-Selection pic Published on 13-October-2018.
Official-Screening pic Published on 23-October-2018.
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You are warmly invited by us to attend the event at the venue. We would also like to let you know that printed Certificates will be given to submitters who will attend the event at the venue. Hence, kindly let us know about your presence at the venue by 05-Oct-2018 over email to enable us to get your Certificates printed on time. In case you are unable to attend the event, we shall send you digital Certificates over email on demand, But after festival date.

Dear All,
This is to bring to your notice that as per the rules set forth by our judgment panel as mentioned in the submission panel, there will be no competition among the projects submitted in a given category/section in which the total number of submissions is less than 5. In such a case, all projects submitted in that category will be transferred by the festival committee for competing under General/Common Category/Section Only. In the case of absence of any of the submission categories in final/screening list, kindly be informed that either no film has been submitted in that category or the total number of films submitted in that category is less than 5. If you have submitted a film for a category which does not appear in final/screening list, this would mean that your film submission is not cancelled but transferred for competition under General/Common Category/Section Only because the total number of films submitted in that category is less than 5. You may please find the above rules outlined at your submission platform.

Event Date : 28-October-2018

VENUE : Suchitra Cinema & Cultural Academy.

ADDRESS : 36, 9th Main Road (B.V. Karanth Road), Banashankari 2nd Stage,Bangalore, Karnataka 560070,India.

Festival Start Time : 13:30 Hrs.

Any one can attend this great festival, kindly come within 1:30 pm, because we will start 2 pm sharp. Thank you.

Map :