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Astronomy : Seminar

In a broad sense, this particular seminar is a platform to showcase one's talents by an elegant display and presentation of research work related to astronomy.


It is an arena where a talent gets the proper limelight. The presence of different levels of researchers/scientists from different fields of Science and Engineering at the Seminar truly is a worthwhile opportunity to give the best shot and be recognized as someone who can contribute to humanity's welfare by keeping harmony with Nature's creation.

Members can publish papers in various Journals, Magazines etc. ‘AEROSAT’ also has its own Magazine where any member can publish papers that reflect innovation or true research work for the welfare of humanity by keeping harmony with Mother Nature. A member can also upload his/her own research paper in ‘Upload’ tab mentioning ‘Astronomy Seminar’ as a subject in the ‘Member’ area at ‘www.aerosat.co.in’The analyzing team shall inspect the papers and then make a decision of whether or not the papers possess some valuable stuff in it. Only when the team is confirmed about the benefits of implementing the paper work that permission will be granted for either taking it as a Project or a Discovery/Invention or as a paper to be presented at the Seminar. Moreover, the team shall also decide as to which specific Section (Project, Discovery/Invention, Seminar) the paper will be promoted. Please be noted that the fund as well as duration for the project shall be decided upon by the team. The one who has given the new idea may be selected as the project leader of that particular project nominated by the AEROSAT administration. The technical manpower required to accomplish the project shall be decided by the project leader and to be approved by the team before commencement of the project.

A member can also download various important technical materials from ‘www.aerosat.co.in’ for reference.

Any member, who has participated in our 'Field Visit' program, can take the help of the information obtained from the program in their research work. A member can also download various important technical documents from the website.

Strictly speaking, these seminars are dedicated to the field of Astronomy, Astrophysics etc. Topics of research can range from searching for the raw ingredients of life formation in distant planets, stars and even distant galaxies; to spotting and detecting supernovas, gamma ray bursts, Black Holes, gravitational lensing etc. It also includes detection of alien signals sent to earth from deep space. Thus, we have a complete range of mind blowing, intriguing and fascinating sectors in the field of Astronomy and Astrophysics.


Therefore, anybody who is fascinated by the wonders of the cosmos is welcome to ‘AEROSAT’. They can show us the future of mankind.

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