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The term 'Habitable' means a place where conditions are suitable to sustain and evolve life forms. The word 'conditions' seems to be pretty vauge without its proper description. Conditions can comprise of factors such as availability of ice or water and oxygen, the average temperature, the temperature difference between the hottest and the coldest time of a day, the average temperature difference between the coldest and the hottest seasons, graviational pull that determines the thickness and density of the atmosphere, the chemical and physical composition of the atmosphere, the rotation speed of the planet that determines the intensity of storms and tornadoes, the intensity of the magnetic field of the planet(if any) in comparison to the distance from its star, the magnetic field intensity and the violence of its star, the intensity of killer cosmic rays emitted by surrounding cosmic objects etc.

Conditions are different in different planets but whether life can evolve in such conditions is difficult to discern. The environment of Earth is suitable for the evolution of creatures that exist on Earth. There could be other life-sustaining planets far out into space where strange creatures may live but we do not know. The conditions in those planets may be suffocating to the inhabitants of Earth but are suitable for the life forms that have evolved there.

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