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'Field Visit' program in the sector of Astronomy are for those who love adventure, fun and thrill, it’s for those who see themselves apart from others and who likes to enjoy the life in a manner that is way too different from the conventional and the usual means of entertainment. The organization can boast of giving some thrilling experiences to the participants of the 'Field Visit' program. The program involves making tours for night-sky observation with the aid of telescopes.


Just like “Carolyn Shoemaker, Eugene M. Shoemaker, David Levy” had discovered the Comet “Shoemaker–Levy 9”, who knows? You may find one as well!!!


We shall select suitable locations based on climatic conditions, air pollution levels, average night time temperatures etc. These factors help to choose an optimal location for the best views of the stars, planets and galaxies.

A member can also download various important technical materials from ‘www.aerosat.co.in’ for reference.

‘AEROSAT’ may facilitate programs for visits to various planetariums and astronomical exhibitions. So, why just wait and think? Come over and join us to be a part of the amazing adventures in our 'Field Visit' program.

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