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It includes the usual projects based on new ideas. Projects may be theoretical or practical.


An emerging concept of space elevators and Nano carbon tubes has attracted attention of the world’s scientists.

In case of practical projects, the effective cost, duration, the entire design and the technical manpower required for the project shall be framed by the one from whom the new idea has come up.


A member can also upload his/her own research paper in ‘Upload’ tab mentioning ‘Aerospace Project’ as a subject in the ‘Member’ area at ‘www.aerosat.co.in’.Final approval for the commencement of the project will be given by the administration through the process of Project analysis team. The one who has given the new idea may be selected as the project leader of that particular project nominated by the AEROSAT administration. The team shall inspect the uploaded papers and then make a decision of whether or not the papers possess some valuable stuff in it. Only when the team is confirmed about the benefits of implementing the paper work that permission will be granted for either taking it as a Project or a Discovery/Invention or as a paper to be presented at the Seminar. Moreover, the team shall also decide as to which specific Section (Project, Discovery/Invention or Seminar) the paper will be promoted. Please be noted that the fund as well as duration for the project shall be decided upon by the team. The technical manpower required to accomplish the project shall be decided by the project leader and to be approved by the team before commencement of the project.

The projects can be presented in seminars where scientists and research scholars of differing levels in different fields shall be present.

A member can also download various important technical materials from ‘www.aerosat.co.in’ for reference.

Thus, it will be a wonderful opportunity for the recognition of the project’s utility to mankind. So, join our organization and pour down your ideas and transform them into real-life applications!

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