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History has in store for us an excellent example of an invention, based on which we have reached the space age of today.

Anekal subbaraya Shastri, an indian man invented 5 types of aeroplanes in late 1900s using the knowledge of vedas. Bapuji talpade of Mumbai recieved this technology from him and prepared & successfully flew one of the five types of aeroplane using mercury vapours and solar energy as fuel in mumbai in 1895 but, the then rulers of India, the British, suppressed this intention. Here are a few links for reference:





The Wright brothers-Wilbur Wright and Orville Wright were the first ones to fly an object in mid-air. Their secret of success lay in the fact that they always worked together and co-operated perfectly with each other. And secondly they, unlike others, decided that they would first learn how to fly before attempting to build a plane. That was a turning point in the history of aviation.


They started working with kites and gliders in 1899. After an unsuccessful attempt they tested their second full-scale glider in 1901, and a third in 1902. The third glider incorporated some of their most important innovations, and they made more than a thousand successful flights with the third glider. By now, the Wright brothers were already the best and most experienced glider pilots.


Inventions of Hypersonic jets have really given a lift to the world of Aerospace. A hypersonic vehicle named as ‘X-51A Waverider‘ was invented by the US Air Force in May 2013.

Thus, one can perceive the depth of the Aerospace industry today. It is really a sector where anyone can contribute for the cause of mankind. So, a member can also upload his/her own research paper in ‘upload’ tab mentioning ‘Aerospace Discovery/Invention’ as a subject in ‘Member’ area on the website ‘www.aerosat.co.in’. The analyzing team shall inspect the papers and then make a decision of whether or not the papers possess some valuable stuff in it. Only when the team is confirmed about the benefits of implementing the paper work that permission will be granted for either taking it as a Project or a Discovery/Invention or as a paper to be presented at the Seminar. Moreover, the team shall also decide as to which specific Section (Project, Discovery/Invention, Seminar) the paper will be promoted Please be noted that the fund as well as duration for the project shall be decided upon by the team. The one who has given the new idea may be selected as the project leader of that particular project nominated by the AEROSAT administration. The technical manpower required to accomplish the project shall be decided by the project leader and to be approved by the team before commencement of the project.

A member can also download various important technical materials from ‘www.aerosat.co.in’ for reference.

‘AEROSAT’ is playing its part in encouraging young minds to bring out the best in their brains. So, join the organization and utilize your talent .

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