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Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ) and Answers about the Aerosat

[Question.01]. What is Aerosat ?
Answer :: Aerosat is a Goverment registered Organization committed to the welfare of Civilizations and to work for noble causes.

[Question.02]. What does Aerosat do ?
Answer :: Aerosat organizes and conducts different kinds of workshops, seminars,etc. in various engineering institutes/universities on request, in the fields of Aeromodelling,Robotics etc.(All the fields are mentioned in 'Section' tab of www.aerosat.co.in) at affordable partcipation fees. Aerosat gurantees participants to become experts in the field of the attended workshop provided, every session of the workshop is attended sincerely. The vision of Aerosat is to strive to awaken the scientific consciousness in the young minds to bring out the hidden talents for the progress of human civilization under nature's rule.

[Question.03]. Who can join Aerosat ?
Answer :: Strictly speaking there are no restrictions on 'who can join'. Anybody from infants to Senior citizens can join Aerosat. The only prerequisite is the hunger to known the unknown and to use the knowledge for constructive purposes.

[Question.04]. Aerosat and its Mission ?
Answer :: It is an endeavour to spread the culture and practice of Aerospace, Astronomy, Robotics and other engineering sectors, in parts of the world, where there is a deficiency of interest in the subject among the youth, especially in regions of eastern India. Aerosat aims at planting the seeds of innovative thinking among inquisitive people.

[Question.05]. How can I connect with Aerosat ?
Answer :: Visit the website 'www.aerosat.co.in' or click 'Membership'.button on the top right hand corner of the page and follow the instructions.

[Question.06]. What is my benefit, after I connect to Aerosat ?
Answer :: If you register yourself to Aerosat ; you may get a chance to publish your article in the next release of Bi-Monthly series. Aerosat will organise events quite often. No registration charges are applicable for participation of Members in those events but, Non-Members will need to pay participation fees in those events. You get the chance to connect with eminent people from diverse fields of Science & Engineering across the globe, through Workshop (RC Aeromodelling/ RC Water Boat/ Water Rocket/ Telescope Making), Seminars (Present your thoughts/Papers), Projects (Anything Innovative) and field visits (Night Sky Observation By Telescopes) under the Sections of Astrophysics, Astronomy, Aerospace etc. Please visit 'www.aerosat.co.in' and see Sections for further details. You can become recognized if you publish your innovative ideas and projects through Bi-Monthly Series and yearly published Magazine. VIP Articles of Bi-Monthly series and yearly Magazine will be sent via email to members, but will not be available in the public section of our website. You can submit your own Projects/ Ideas to Aerosat and if found feasible by Team Aerosat, your project will be funded. All this will add to your resume and will be a big bonus for your professional carrier.

[Question.C1a]. "I will like to know the procedure to participate in the events that your organisation hosts.
I will also request for the details of the method to ask Aerosat for organising events in an Institute.
Can you also state whether individual participation is allowed or not?
Smita Chakraborty
Undergraduate student,
Physics Honours,
Jadavpur University."

[Question.C1b]. "Hello sir,
I need to get the complete information regarding organising a workshop of telescope on. 7-9 of October.
Sent from my iPad ."

Answers of C1a & C1b :: Procedure to participate in the events organized by Aerosat ::There are two different categories to register for an event. (I) Event organized by Aerosat (II) Event hosted by an Institute.
(I) Event organized by Aerosat :: After an event is notified by Aerosat to be scheduled, participant(s) need to register at the events page in our website for the particular event. Payment instructions will be sent to the registered mail address of the participant/group leader for group participants.
(II) Event hosted by an Institute ::The concerned institute shall have to inform Aerosat at least 45 to 60 days before the scheduled date of an event through email at contact@aerosat.co.in.The institue has to clear half of the total fees for the event at least 30 days before the scheduled date of the event. The number of participants per event per institute should not exceed 100.
(III) Yes, there is a provision for individual participation. In that case the individual participant shall have to pay the entire fees for the event which if otherwise, will be divided among the participants in a group.

[Question.C2]. "I am pursuing my B.Tech(5th sem) in Mechanical Engineering at Kalyani Government Engineering College. How can I get benefited by getting student membership? please send me the facilities provided by your society.
Sujoy De"

Answer :: Please refer to answer of question number 5 & 6.

[Question.C3]. "Hi... My name is Prabir Kumar Mitra, Graduated from University of Calcutta in Physics last year and now I am doing M.Sc in Hyderabad Central University. I want to participate in the workshops or projects etc. organised by Aerosat. So I request you to contact me when these events will happen. Thanks...."
Answer :: We are glad that you have shown interest in Aerosat inspite of being so far away from West Bengal, in Andra Pradesh. You wish to be informed whenever an event is scheduled to be held. In that case, we suggest you to purchase a membership. Currently, we are offering a 'Special Offer'*,availing which you can become a life member* of Aerosat by paying only Rs 500 just once*. The benefits that you can enjoy as a life time member are as follows:
1. You shall get your own User ID and Password by which, you can get access to a wide range of facilties exclusive to members only.
2. You can submit your own articles, new design(drawing etc.) of any kind to Aerosat for publishing on our website. Your articles will have access to people across the globe through our website.
3. No registration charges are applicable to members for participation in any of the events organized by Aerosat. But, non-members need to pay registration fees additionally,to participate in an event.
4. Once you purchase a membership, you can participate in those events which are exclusively for members.
5. Please follow our 'About Us' Page in our website to get a brief idea as an answer to your queries. .

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