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Aeromodelling (RC) Workshop-2014

Aeromodelling (RC) Workshop-2014 Starts: Nov 8, 2014. 09:30 AM
Ends on: Nov 9, 2014. 05:00 PM
Registration Fees: Rs. 7,500 [ For a Team of max (5) five members ]
Venue: Kolkata, West Bengal

Event :: Aeromodelling (RC) Workshop:: 

Topics ::  [A] The story behind aircrafts.                     [ Theory class ] 

                [B] Understand the behavior of fluid ( air ). [ Theory class ]

                [C] Logics and equations.                            [ Theory class ]

                [D] Construct the aircraft body you want to fly.

                [E] Try to fly your own handmade aircraft.

Eligibility :: Any engineering student from any branch and any Institution.

Starting date :: 8th November at 09:00 hrs.

Ending date :: 9th November at 17:00 hrs.

Vanue :: Kolkata/Howrah.

Fees :: 7500/- per tem.

Team :: maximum (5) five members.

Certification :: AEROSAT.

Workshop Details :: You need to submit an assignment within a specified date ( The Email address will be notified later), your submission should be in Microsoft Word format . If there is any difficulty in understanding your job, we will help you. 

Awards :: You will be awarded with a Certificate, cover file, few tools, T-Shirt.

Registrations :: Registration Date will be announce soon.

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For any quiryes or help ::

 [ In case of any difficulty during registration ,

   please mail for help at " aerosat7@gmail.com ". We will be happy to help you ].         

After registration an e-mail will be sent to your mailbox containing all the necessary payment details. [Please follow payment options 2 & 3 only] Deposit the requisite fees in any branch of United Bank of India (UBI). Payment must be deposited by the applicant’s name only. You may also transfer the money by NEFT.

N.B.: Travelling expenses, free accommodation or any kind of financial help shall not be provided during workshop.


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