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Summer Internship/Project Work -2014

Summer Internship/Project Work -2014 Starts: May 25, 2014. 10:00 AM
Ends on: Aug 20, 2014. 05:00 PM
Registration Fees: For Members:100/-, Non-Members:250/-
Venue: Online

 Attention all the Registered Candidates for this event

 We have sent you an email on your registered email address, kindly reply as soon as possible

Those who are not replyed  will not be entertained after 05-06-2014 (if any problem arise)

Online registration will continue , but last date of submission will not change.




Event :: The AerosaT software Super Challenge :: 

Topics ::  [A] Apps Development : Graphics Design, Background Development (Programming)

                [B] Website Designing : (i) Server side scripting (ii) Clint side scripting (iii) Plus OLS..

                [C] Robotics Arduino programming.

                [D] Animation, Multimedia, Video editing, Poster Presentation.

                [E] Think Out of the Box. ( Innovative Technical Project Submission )

Eligibility :: Any engineering student from any branch .

Starting date :: It was May 25th 2014. we are very pleased for huge response from your end. Based on a few requests that we have received so far regarding incomplete payment , we have decided to postpone the starting date of the event to 1st June 2014.

Vanue :: ONLINE [ Do your project from your home through internet. Internet is required for receiving and sending the emails].

Fees :: For Non Members 250/- ( including postage charges for certificate delivery ).

            For Members 100/-

[ paying single registration fee you may go for single topic or all mentioned topics by your choice ]

Certification :: AEROSAT.

Project Details :: You need to submit an assignment within a specified date ( The Email address will be notified later), your submission should be in Microsoft Word format . If there is any difficulty in understanding your job, you may be called at Shibpur, Howarh,West Bengal. 

Project Specialties ::

Awards :: You will be awarded with an Internship Certificate after total verification of your assignment. You may also be awarded in cash upto 5000/- [ increase if number of perticipants increase] for excellence.

Registrations :: Now Registration is open. Last Date of Registration : 31 May 2014. 

      [ To join Please click on "Members Join" ( if you are a registered member of AEROSAT ) ELSE click on "Not a member?" icon ] 


For any quiryes or help ::

 [ In case of any difficulty during registration ,

   please mail for help at " contact@aerosat.co.in // aerosat7@gmail.com ".

   Or, call us at [ phone number will be uploaded soon ]. We will be happy to help you ].         

After registration an e-mail will be sent to your mailbox containing all the necessary payment details. [Please follow payment options 2 & 3 only] Deposit the requisite fees in any branch of United Bank of India (UBI). Payment must be deposited by the applicant’s name only. You may also transfer the money by NEFT.

N.B.: Travelling expenses, free accommodation or any kind of financial help shall not be provided during internship.




Requests from Schools/Science and Engineering Institutions are invited for participation in any kind of Technological Fests/Programs organized by 'AEROSAT' via email at contact@aerosat.co.in .

Schools/Science and Engineering Institutions can also arrange for Technological Fests/Programs to be conducted by 'AEROSAT', in their own Institutions for which,the institute authorities need to request for represenentatives from 'AEROSAT' via email at contact@aerosat.co.in .

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