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About Us :

[ We are from IIEST,Shibpur(formerly known as BESU,Shibpur) since 15th august 2013.]

Aerosat organizes and conducts different kinds of workshops, Claases, seminars, Outdoor events etc. in various engineering institutes on request, in the fields of Aeromodelling,Astronomy,Robotics,Medical Science and Habitable Planet Section (All the fields are mentioned in 'Section' tab of www.aerosat.co.in) at affordable partcipation fees. Aerosat gurantees participants to become experts in the field of the attended workshop provided, every session of the workshop is attended sincerely. The vision of Aerosat is to strive to awaken the scientific consciousness in the young minds to bring out the hidden talents for the progress of human civilization.


It has been a dream of the founder ( Sri Debasish Mandal,Aerospace Engineer, from Indian Institute of Engineering Science and Technology,Shibpur formerly known as Bengal Engineering and Science University, Shibpur.) of ‘AEROSAT’ since childhood, to create something to make the Human Civilization progress under Nature’s rules. Side by side, there is also a target to remove the concept of rote learning, to develop the mindset of practical thinking and to develop the spirit of ‘Research’ for some noble cause in the young minds. This is why ‘AEROSAT’ has been created.

Thus, we have made a pledge to create history, to achieve a feat which nobody had ever dreamt of. For this, we have a vision to create something new with extraordinarily innovative ideas; ideas that can come right out of the blue.

We believe that not everyone can provide innovative ideas but an innovative idea can come from anyone. With a firm faith in God and an unbreakable trust in ourselves, we believe we can cultivate thoughts; thoughts that shall be transformed into reality and developed further. We will march ahead towards making history with an unquenchable thirst for knowledge. We vow with contemplation that we will do such a thing that people from all walks of life shall recognize ‘AEROSAT’ as nothing but a revolutionary pioneer.
To reach the pinnacle of success, one has to start right from scratch and move up the ladder towards glory and the subsequent making of a History. All the great scientists, doctors, engineers, lawyers, leaders, social reformers, industrialists etc. that we know of, were not greats from the very beginning of their carriers. In short, our organization is now at the grass-root level and making History is the ultimate goal. You too can do the same by marching hand-in-hand with ‘AEROSAT’.

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